LSAAP (Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape) is the place of somatic experimentation within our platform. It is also where we train in Somatics applied to Architecture and Landscape: the place for collective research and learning of PSAAP.

The structure we propose for our training is one of “micro-credentials”, that is, a collection of happenings sustained over time, which you can attend whenever it suits you. Each time you attend one of them, you will be adding hours of our laboratory and we will recognize you for it.

The purpose is to continue to strengthen and expand the community around LSAAP, which in recent years has grown by adding incredible people and wisdoms. Through these happenings we will create the possibility for you to configure the structure of your training and research. You will be able to link them or not in a continuous way according to your criteria, they will be in different geographies and associated to different institutions. .

The first of these events took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on December the 5th (2021). It was held at the Dancehouse Lefkosia under the name “SKIN”.

The second one “FLESH” (Inter-species Flesh) took place on February the 24th (2022) at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid within the study group “Conjugar Mundos: Corporalidades Multiespecies” directed by Fernando Quesada. Information is available here.

The third one “DUST” was developed in Vienna in between May the 4th and 6th. You can visit this happening here.

We will be looking forward to host you in our next events. Check below our calendar.


SOMATIC CITY – BADS. Bodies as Data Sensing MADRID  – (19-23 Febrero) M 12.00-14.00; T 12.00-14.30; Th 12.00-14.30; F 12.00-13.30. Within the Innovation Week of the Institute of Technology (USP CEU). BADS will take place entirely outdoors in different locations in the city of Madrid.

THE SKIN IN THE AIR – (11 May 11:30- 13:00 CET). SKIN IN THE AIR, is hosted at Tangente St. Pölten in Austria within the project PERFORMING LANDSCAPE // SHARED LANDSCAPES. From 11.30 to 13.00 we will be part of the “Exploring the Landscape” event. A walk and along it, a collection of performative lectures and happenings within TIPPING TIME. CIVIL SOCIETY CLIMATE CONFERENCE. We will develop our collective performance and lecture SKIN IN THE AIR. AN EVENT OF SOMATIC COALESCENCE. All info here.


Archive>CALENDAR 2022- 2023:

WASTEGROUNDS. Multispecie Bodies and Cities – (October the 19th 2022 at 10:00h CET). ETSAM Unidad Soto.

YOUR ANIMAL BODY. Figures for Somatic Architecure  – (November the 16th 2022 at 15:30 CET) Lausanne EPFL ALICE within the research seminar “Dissident Geometries”

INTO THE WILD. A Guide for Bodies and the City they Create – (July the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd – 2023) Residency and Happening at the Galería Municipal do Porto, Portugal. This event is part of the program PING! Gineceu + Estigma The collection of Happenings open to the public will take the format of a summer workshop. All the information is available here.

IMAGINARIES. Body Politics in Design – (September the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th – 2023). Laboratory and open workshop at the Museum Quartier, Vienna. More information soon.

SENTIENT ECOLOGIESImFlieger Schule Vienna (September the 30th and October the 1st – 2023). Within the program directed by Malcolm Manning “The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research”

BADS. Bodies as Data Sensing – (November the 17th 2023 12:00h-14:00h) Bienal Mugak.


Archive> CALENDAR 2021- 2022 :

SKIN – Dancehouse Lefkosia. Nicosia. Cyprus (December the 5th, 2021)

FLESH – (Inter-species Flesh). Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS) within the study group “Conjugar Mundos: Corporalidades Multiespecies”. Madrid. Spain (February the 24th, 2022) // ONLINE VERSION April the 4th 2022 (19:00-21:00 CET)

SOMATIC (Space. Multiple bodies) – In collaboration with Ángela Natalia Shepherd at the E.T.S.A Alicante, Spain (March the 25th, 2022)

ANIMAL BODIES (Somatic Space. Animal Bodies) – Online happening for Affective Ecologies, directed by Mauro Gil-Fournier. (April the 27th, 2022- 19:30).

DUST – Within the project “Navigating Dizziness Together“. Vienna. Austria Zentrum Fokus Forschung (May the 4th, 5th and 6th, 2022) // ONLINE VERSION June the 9th 2022 (19:00-21:00 CET)

SCORE – Within the series CAMPING together with Jone San Martin. NF Galería Nieves Fernández. Madrid. Spain (May the 27th and 28th, 2022)

ENTANGLEMENT – Biel. Switzerland (July 2022): Friday July the 15th- Evilard 14:30h: Lecture and Somatic Ethnography /// Saturday July the 16th- Evilard’s forest 10:00h: Happening “ENTANGLEMENT”. Monday July the 18th- Tuesday July the 19th- Wednesday July the 20th: Body-to-Body sessions in Evilard. /// Rest of the days till July the 24th, you can book your Body-to-Body session in Biel


Micro-credentials structure:

Each happening will have a duration of 3h.

Every 4 happenings you will have the recognition of a segment of our training. (12h)

The complete training is 4 segments (48h).

If you already have one of the labs we did at the university, you will only need 2 segments to complete our training.

Once you have completed the training, we would love you to be part of the happennings network by proposing sessions that we will support and disseminate from our platform and that will be valid within our system of micro-credentials.

If you already have the Own Degree in Somatics applied to Architecture and Landscape you can start proposing a session to us, anywhere in the world. The main objective of the system is to increase, strengthen and take care of this international community that we already have and that allows us to learn so much.

Do you dare to go to the ends of the flesh?

To the frontiers of our actions where the hidden imaginaries reside?



LSAAP is directed by María Auxiliadora Gálvez.