The installation will produce the connection of bodies with the cosmos and the universe through the sun within the conditions of this specific site. Within the frame of this idea we propose a new instrumental and choreographic landscape for the exhibition room. The new landscape allows, through the configuration of a map, to measure the movement of the sun and its rhythm and cycles. The map marks the sun traces in different hours and seasons, so the visitors can follow it, understand it and be aware of their geographical relation with the star. The lines register solar movements and body movements.
The crowning moment of the exhibition is reached in the most hidden part: after crossing the space of the exhibition room, the visitors would arrive to a circle (indeed a water bed) where multiple silhouettes are drawn inviting to lay down. The people lying down at the circle will see a video showing the image of the exhibition room filmed along several days focusing in the changes that the sunlight is producing in the space. The time rhythm will be altered to be able to see quickly changes and to be able to observe the sun movement along one day in some minutes… when the circle of observation (water bed) is full of warm bodies a sensor will be activated and the video will change slowly its image for a new one: a sun made out of bodies. A thermal camera will film the waterbed with all the bodies projecting in real time this thermal image on the wall. The sound will be produced also using the thermal differences…

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez and Edgardo Mercado

Collaborator: Alejandra Salvador Camarmo

Date: 2015

Status: Competition project

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina